Many Jewish people have been greatly effected from everything that they went through during the time of concentration camps in Germany. The first theme that I find to be very fitting for my topic is conflict. I find this theme to fit with my topic because the holocaust lasted from 1933-1945 killing 11 million people total, 1.5 million of those people were killed in Auschwitz. It wasn’t until 1944-1955 that the concentration camps were freed by the allies. The other theme that relates to my topic is inequality. Inequality is a major theme within this event because people were put into concentration camps based on their beliefs, how they looked, and their sexual preference. These people were not desired by Germans so they were sent to these camps to be put to work or to be put to death. The people that were sent here didn’t get to choose to go to work or not, it was chosen for them. Concentration camps were a way for Hitler to control the race of Germany. The news article I selected talks about how Germany has been working on recompensing the child survivors that have been impacted negatively due to the holocaust. Germany plans to give the child survivors money for their psychological problem, that rooted from malnourishment due to the Holocaust. $250 million is being divided and being disbursed to 70,000- 75,000 child survivors that face health problems, which is about $3,300 per person. Germany thinks that they are doing a good thing, but they don’t see that such a little amount can’t really cover much for a medical bill, which has the survivors shocked. The survivors are not impressed with this amount they are receiving and believe that they should be getting more money due to their health problems. Germany requires certain guidelines to receive the compensation such as; “being born before jan 1, 1928, have lived in a concentration camp, ghetto or been in hiding under a false identity for at least 6 months”. The holocaust effected countless lives and left people in misery for year and still to this day. The German government led my Adolf Hitler acted in horrible ways toward the Jewish community and others that didn’t do what was expected of them by starving them, making them work and killing them in gas chambers. The Government is responsible for what has happened to these victims physically and mentally, but they don’t show very much remorse by giving these victims such a small compensation. The Government thinks that they can give money to these victims and make them forget what happened, but it is just bettering the situation not making the problem go away. The Holocaust victims are still not recognized enough by the government after what they have been through and it is unfair that they are only being given such a small amount of money for health problems that were out of their control and was mainly brought on by the German government. I’m going explore the amount of victims of the holocaust that have been suffering from trauma and other health problems that have stemmed from such a horrific event that could have been reduced years ago by having therapy sessions and also having medical care.


The Authors main purpose of the book contemporary portrayals of Auschwitz is to reveal what actually happened in Auschwitz and to come to terms with the events that happened. The historical moment in Auschwitz that came to be in 1940. SPSGH is a small group of philosophers that got together for the Philosophic Study of Genocide and the Holocaust. This book goes into depth about the “stories of people who experienced the Holocaust first hand, about their art,  and the memories regarding the Holocaust”. (back of book) This book is a collection of essays that discuss these topics. Along with these topics this book also talks about how the way we talk about these events and how it changes the reality of things. This way we talk is also known as “sugar coating”. This book covers a lot of topics but I plan to use the “The Voices of the Victims who felt the need to tell their story of their survival” and for those who can no longer tell theirs(43).  “art after Auschwitz and how art played a role in trauma.” (151) My last historical detail I plan to research is “sexuality in the war against jews, how the women were looked down upon opposed to the men” (211).

There are many jewish and non Jewish people that have been effected by this horrible crime. The German Government want to try to make up for what happened to the Jewish people that were effected by the malnourishment and pain they endured. This article talks about how the German government plans to help the children effected by the holocaust. The German government has decided to give out $250 million to the child survivors of the holocaust for problems that occurred from being detained in such a harsh environment. To be eligible they have to on Jan 1, 1928 or after. Germany will also pay around $95 million in home care for the jewish holocaust survivors. Germany is giving out this money because they see how this event greatly impacted the lives of kids with growing up with little to no family resulting from the holocaust. After all this money is split up each person will end up getting a few thousand dollars which is unfair to the survivors because they have medical bills that are a result of the Holocaust that probably won’t be covered with such a small amount of money. The holocaust has left countless people in bad conditions mainly with malnourishment problems and mental problems.

This picture shows how malnourished the prisoners were in concentration camps. Concentration camps play a big role in how the survivors of these camps developed. Kids and adults have phycological and physical problems that developed from the holocaust.

Harold Denny wrote an article published by The New York Times on May 6th, 1945.  People who are looking to learn more on why the Holocaust happened and what happened within the camps are the target audience of this article.  The author of this article wants to make sure people know what happened in these camps and want to educate people on the enemy so the enemy can never have the power to do horrible things like this again. During the time this article was written World War II was happening. The author might compare to the people he is writing about because he is of the same gender that were broken down and tortured the most. The men in concentration camps were mainly put to work because they were stronger so they could handle more than the girls could. Men were put to work in these camps and starved to death. This article supports my thesis because it tells about the malnourished people that were in these camps that were rescued and on the verge of dying. Another article I found talks about what being pregnant in Auschwitz was like for imprisoned women. This source goes into how sexuality in the holocaust limited your chances of staying alive. The women in the holocaust that were pregnant were told to get into a line and told that they would be getting more food than the rest of the people, but were actually taken to the gas chamber eliminating about 200 women. The women were killed so the SS men wouldn’t have to waste time delivering the babies .These are the people that are suffering mentally and physically.

The book, Auschwitz-Birkenau- The Place Where You Are Standing, contains 31 wartime pictures, matched to their present-day locations
This image shows female Auschwitz victims waiting to get their heads shaved. Auschwitz not only served as a death camp for Jews, but also other people who were deemed unfit in Germany. Auschwitz was the largest concentration camp in Nazi Germany that lasted from 1940-1945 before the allied forces freed the camps from 1944-1945.

The Impact of the Holocaust on Survivors and Their Children is an article that discusses how after death camps were liberated the survivors of the holocaust were left without any resources such as food, home, jobs, family, and someone to talk to. This supports my thesis about how the German Government is responsible for the trauma of the holocaust survivors because its just now that the Government is giving out compensation for what happened so long ago when money should have been given to these survivors to get back on their feet and pay for psychological help. The main reason the survivors of the holocaust developed psychological problems is because when they arrived in America they were always getting comments about how they should be “grateful they made it to America”  causing them to not talk about their problems to anyone locking it all inside. Also this article ties into why the survivors feel guilty about what happened to them when they had no control over what happened. The survivors feel guilty about what happened to them because they believe that it is unfair that they lived and their significant other or their other family members and friends should have also lived. This article I found talks mainly about how the people that have survived the holocaust deal with their trauma. Also it talks about the trauma relating to the children that had survived the holocaust and how they struggle to forget the horrific time in their life. The author of this talks about how the people that have survived still to this day are paranoid and are reluctant to tell their stories about what happened in the ghettos where them and their families had lived. This article shares personal information that traumatized individuals and shows the outside world what life in the ghetto had been like and how the survivors have dealt with it.


As you may already know The Holocaust was a very horrible event that happened to very innocent people. Adolf Hitler was the cause of all these problems that effect so many people today from the Holocaust, but other people helped bring about the song lasting effects by not letting the victims speak. The Holocaust happened in the 1940’s and the German Government is just now deciding to give these people that were effected money. The German government could have helped reduce the amount of problems that people face today if they had given money out sooner so that people would have a chance to correctly rehabilitate instead of having to bottle up their emotions. Whenever the victims of the holocaust tried to talk to someone about their problems nobody would listen and they would be told to be grateful that they have made it to America, the victims were left homeless and jobless after the Holocaust which could have been avoided if Germany acted in a timely manner with compensation. People in these concentration camps were treated differently depending on the age and gender. Older men and pregnant women were sent straight to gas chambers because they were ultimately useless to the Nazis while the others were used for their own benefits. The Holocaust has effected countless lives and still continues to today.



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