Spring 2017 – Matthew Unangst History 105

How Climate Change Politics have changed over Time

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How Climate Change Politics have changed over Time              by Joel Roeber

In August 2015, Rwandan scientists warned the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) that “[world] leaders must act now to prevent climate change impacts which could be “catastrophic” for human health”[1]. In order to enact upon this statement, they proposed a plan that would involve strengthening Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions taken by countries around the world to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This plan aims to kick start action against Climate change by the 2020s[1] to get a head start on minimizing the impact humanity has on … » More …

(Final Project) Hikikomori: The Dark Shadow Cast by American-Led Globalization on Postwar Japan’s Male Youth

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Hikikomori: The Dark Shadow Cast by American-Led Globalization on Postwar Japan’s Male Youth

On one Friday afternoon in Kyoto, Japan, a woman named Yoshimi Kawakami made her way to a doorstep matching one of the addresses on her highly particular to-do list. Despite not holding her breath for any kind of response, she nonetheless stands there for two hours, talking through the door, hoping that perhaps this time, she might be proven wrong. In a separate instance involving a different “client,” she would continue to be denied conversation, prompting her to remind him that … » More …

Western Foreign Policy and it’s Effects on the Southeast Asian Drug Trade

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Across the United States, there is a silent killer working it’s way into the homes and lives of everyday individuals. Synthetic opioids like the painkiller fentanyl (which can be as much as 50 times more potent than heroin) have caused a public health crisis in the United States, and many US government officials are quick to point the finger at countries such as China. At the start of 2017, the head of the DEA travelled to Shanghai (for the first time in 12 years) to meet with Chinese government officials and to build better ties between … » More …

Deforestation Final paper

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With humans and the environment there were many issues with this. People have been cutting down trees since the 1800’s.[1] With this they are killing off wildlife and the environment that is helping the world. When cutting down trees, we are cutting off supplies to the wildlife and their homes and taking away oxygen from humans. With globalization connecting to deforestation because once people started settling in North America they started cutting down trees for the usage of building homes and for new resources.[2] There were mass numbers of trees getting cut down. People decided to … » More …

Ivory Trade: The Devastating Impact It Has on East African elephants

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Most African elephants are facing local extinction due to illegal killings for their ivory tusks. Last year in Kenya a pilot was flying over Tsavo East National Park when he spotted eleven dead elephants, their tusks hacked off, while the rest of the survivors were moving among them. The elephants were killed by an armed gang of Somali poachers. According to an article by Catrina Stewart, Tsavo, Kenya “had 35,000 elephants in the late 1960s, but by the late 1980s, elephants numbered just 6,500, an 80 percent fall.” [1] Organized and … » More …

The Conflicts of the French Slave Trade and Human Trafficking Today

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As of 2016, the newest information provided states that, “Each year about 2.5 million victims, mostly women and children are recruited and exploited worldwide.” [1] France has been doing its best to fight against this concern, but despite that, human trafficking is the, “. . .third most common form of trafficking in the world next to drugs and arms. . .” [2] In addition to this, human trafficking generates more than Rs. 2,40,000 crore every year. In US currency, one crore is 10,000,000 rupees (Indian currency), which is $160,000. This means that in total, human … » More …

Advancement on Women’s Rights in Yemen

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The concept of human rights has been a privilege given only to those who are the “superior” human race. Human rights have been denied to those labeled as the “other” groups and this action been justified through religion and culture. Those seen as the “other” groups specifically target women, among a few other individuals. Women tend to be less than a man and are not given the same rights as men. More specifically women in the Yemen region do not have actual rights due to them not having the same value as men. The lack of … » More …

South Africa Apartheid Final

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In 1948, a policy determined the future of South Africa. The two different groups that inhabited South Africa at the time were feuding to determine where the power lies. The Afrikaners came from the South, while the Bantu came from the North. Although both groups arrived at the same time, neither of the groups were willing to negotiate who gains control. The idea of discrimination based on race was introduced when the Afrikaners were convinced that discrimination was necessary for building a prosperous community. The Bantu population disagreed with this allegation, noting that discriminatory measures … » More …

Human Trafficking: The Victims of Exploitation and Oppression (FINAL)

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In the year 2014 police have identified possible victims of human trafficking—40 victims—in Hampshire. Of the 40 victims, 5 children were found. It is also revealed that children who were possibly being trafficked have been found by themselves in Portsmouth International Port. This is known as modern-day slavery. The ‘call to responsibility’ resonates voices like Jess Gealer that say, “It’s about stopping that and recognizing them as vulnerable people. They are not illegal or irregular migrants.” Jess is the coordinator of the Modern Slavery Partnership, and experience has taught her that, “A lot of trafficking victims … » More …