Spring 2017 – Matthew Unangst History 105

Human Trafficking: The Victims of Exploitation and Oppression (RA #4)

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In the year 2014 police have identified possible victims of human trafficking—40 victims—in Hampshire. Of the 40 victims, 5 children were found. It is also revealed that children who were possibly being trafficked have been found by themselves in Portsmouth International Port. This is known as modern-day slavery. The ‘call to responsibility’ resonates voices like Jess Gealer that say, “It’s about stopping that and recognizing them as vulnerable people. They are not illegal or irregular migrants.” Jess is the coordinator of the Modern Slavery Partnership, and experience has taught her that, “A lot of trafficking victims … » More …

RA#4: North Korea’s nuclear weapon project

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Hook: North Korea filed fifth missile on October 16th 2016, but this missile was not succeed. Also the US strategic commander said that missile did not provoked US at all. That type of missile can reach to Guam and Western Pacific. On August, North Korea fired missile into Japanese ocean. That kind of activities are provocation for declaring war. Their missile was not successful despite North Korea celebrate because they announced to citizen that they succeed their missile experiment. The US strategic command said North Korea is being isolate from other countries and rebel to UN. … » More …

RA 4 Terror in Paris: Legacy of French imperialism

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Hook: In now days, the biggest world problem is terrorism. Terrorism is cruel, merciless and dangerous. One of the biggest issue in these days was Paris Attack. In Paris, France, 13 November 2015, a suicide bombing was conducted by Islamic State. The terrorists armed with gun and attacked 6 different place at same time. The French president was watching the soccer match but after he got notice about the terror, he immediately declared a state of emergency, mobilized the military and tightened border controls. [1] However, this incident brought more than 130 people died and about … » More …

Conflict Between Palestine and Israel – Research Assignment #4

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Hook: On July of 2014, Muhammad Wasqas writes about the continuing conflict between the two countries, Pakistan and Israel. Apparently Israel had something to do with attacks in the Gaza Strip, an area that is owned by Pakistan. This not only anger them but they are fed so up that they continue to express their anger through the use of social media to show how horrible the country, Israel, is to them. The newspaper article also says that Pakistan “does not recognize the existence of Israel as a state” [1]. It seems that Pakistan wants to … » More …

China’s Economic Growth and Strides Towards Equality

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Thesis: China has greatly reduced its poverty rates over the last century by making major changes working towards equality and improving the quality of life for all of its residence.

China has reduced poverty so greatly that it has significantly reduced the global poverty rate. The World Bank found that between 1990 to 2013 the number of people living in extreme poverty was decreased from 35% to less than 11% of the global population. [1] This large reduction of poverty is mainly credited to China among other East Asian countries. China has drastically improved their financial … » More …

RA: 4 Roots of Contemporary Issues: Americas Need for Speed (and other drugs) Creates Mexico’s War on Drugs

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RA 1: Mexico and Drugs

Since the dawn of mankind marijuana, cocaine, opium, and various other drugs have been used to achieve a state of mind that we all know as ‘getting high’. Now even though drugs have always been ever present in society it was not until the 1960’s do we see a rise in drug culture. A culture that exploded in the 1980’s and has caused significant issues in the U.S. but more notably in Mexico due to the violence created by Mexican drug cartels.  A British frontline reporter who goes by the name Grillo … » More …

Under Castro’s control and with his decisions in trade with a different country, it has affected the relationships with countries that are still happening today.

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Fidel Castro’s ruling did not start until the late 1950s when he overthrew Fulgencio Batista with armed forces in Cuba.[3]  Cuba decided to take action under Castro’s ruling during the Cold War.  At this point there was tension between the Soviet Union and the United States.  In the 1950s was when times were heated because of the changes that were occurring.  Around 1959 Cuba was trying to reduce their dependency from the United States.[2]  Sugar was one way that the leaders of Cuba used to continue their economic development but this would eventually bring problems and … » More …

DRA #4: Prostitution in France

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DRA #4

Hook: Today, there are many women in France that go into prostitution because they cannot obtain a decent job because they aren’t qualified or they don’t have an education that can help them achieve a job. So, there last resort is prostitution. This happens from ages ranging from as young as 15 to as old as 40. Many women are struggling into finding work that can pay a decent amount and help them achieve a better life. In recent years, there hasn’t been much stop to prostitution in France. Many women work in brothels, … » More …


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The use of animals in research is controversial and has various regulations across the globe and moral implications for how humans interact with the planet. Scientists maintain the position that the use of animals in medical research is still necessary as it benefits and saves human lives. Animal rights advocates claim that the animals endure unnecessary suffering.  For decades the use of animals in medical research and testing has been grossly overdone, it is cruel, expensive, dangerous and unnecessary. In this essay I will be focusing on the EU (including the UK) policies toward animal research and testing … » More …

RA #4: Racism in Sports

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Racism is still seen today throughout many parts of the world and is an ongoing problem that many people have tried to put an end to. In sports; however, racism is blatantly clear. Soccer in recent years has seen increased racism. On February 17, 2015, Chelsea FC fans pushed a passenger of the opposing team they were playing against off of a Paris train, stating that there was not enough room. After the black man was pushed off the train, Chelsea FC fans then began, “chanting about World War II, along with shouts of ‘We’re racist, and … » More …