Spring 2017 – Matthew Unangst History 105

Ivory trade RA #3

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The impact ivory trade on African elephants

Hook: Most African elephants are facing local extinction due to illegal killings for their ivory tusks. Last year in Kenya a pilot was flying over Tsavo East National Park when he spotted eleven dead elephants, their tusks hacked off, while the rest of the survivors were moving among them. The elephants were killed by an armed gang of Somali poachers. According to an article by Catrina Stewart, Tsavo, Kenya “had 35,000 elephants in the late 1960s, but by the late 1980s, elephants numbered just 6,500, an 80 percent fall.” [1] Organized … » More …

Deforestation of Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest RA#3

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Hook: Much of the deforestation in the Amazon began in the early 1970’s mostly around the southern and eastern edges. It has become of severe concern for the local government and organizations internationally [3]. However to make change to deforestation in Brazil it is crucial to understand the social, economic, and political histories of why it is in this current state of only 11%-16% remaining in Brazil [5]. Dramatic biodiversity from humans and climatic conditions are major effectors towards the Amazon. Specific effects include: agriculture, deforestation and farming [5]. With change of environment it can make species adapt to … » More …

RA 3 (title revised); Sex trafficking in countries of Asia

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Hook: Sex trafficking, previously known as sex tourism, has been around as far back as anyone can remember. There are many different countries where sex trafficking happens. Countries such as Japan, Thailand, etc. This business is where women are being bought and sold to different against their will. Generally these women are kidnapped and forced into this work. Women who are sold in this trade are usually unwanted mothers and daughters, women stuck in poverty and desperation [1] Cantonese and Japanese women are the two key groups that were being trafficked through east and south East Asia. … » More …

Conflict Between Palestine and Israel – Research Assignment #3

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Hook: On July of 2014, Muhammad Wasqas writes about the continuing conflict between the two countries, Pakistan and Israel. Apparently Israel had something to do with attacks in the Gaza Strip, an area that is owned by Pakistan. This not only anger them but they are fed so up that they continue to express their anger through the use of social media to show how horrible the country, Israel, is to them. The newspaper article also says that Pakistan “does not recognize the existence of Israel as a state” [1]. It seems that Pakistan wants to … » More …

Harsh Human Rights in Africa

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Title: The Harsh Human Rights in Africa Hook: Could you imagine being restricted from believing in a different God, loving someone of the same sex as you or simply being a woman and have to worry for your life if someone finds out? Africa before during the early to late 1900’s has been absolutely terrible for the people living in Africa. The human rights are extremely minimal and horrible for most people. Whether you look different, believe different, or like different things, you could find yourself in some big trouble. Thesis: Human rights in Africa were … » More …

Was the Cold War Harsh on Vietnam?

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Do you know the death toll of North and South Vietnam from the ‘Cold War’? The death toll of North and South Vietnamese from the war was roughly around 3 million deaths, and including these deaths were a lot of innocent civilians that meant no harm to anyone. [8] The U.S. used bombing as a method to attack the Republic of Vietnam several times throughout the war and the Republic of Vietnam was held defenseless. “…the U.S. carried out bombing raids in support of its combat troops in the Republic of Vietnam, and the bombing of … » More …

Racism in Sports: RA #3

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On March 23, 1970, South Africa was prohibited from participating in that years Davis Cup tennis competition, whereas Rhodesia was allowed to compete. Robert B. Colwell of Seattle states, “It was felt that South African participation would endanger the carrying out of the competition” [1]. One of the main reasons South Africa was banned from the tournament that year was because there would have been teams they were not allowed to play. That past year Czechoslovakia and Poland refused to play South Africa because of their racial politics and segregation of players. Also, four bombs had … » More …

France and Muslims RA3

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Hook: In November 2015, gunfire opened on a concert hall in Paris killing over 120 people. During the UEFA soccer game between France and Iceland at Stade de France a bomb went off just outside the stadium causing the game to stop and people to evacuate the stadium. It’s events like these that caused France to take measures into their own hands for security. “By 2013, a survey found that more than a quarter of French citizens thought that Islam was “incompatible with French society”. [1] Almost five million muslims live in France which has pushed this issue … » More …

The Way Advertisement Revolutionized Political Campaigns

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Hook: Political Campaigning, has been a topic what goes behind political campaigns are political advertisement. For example, two people competing for an election will use different forms of advertisement along with different platforms to advertise off of. An important example is the use of posters, that pushed for officials running in office. The political campaigns are a game of conquering which is accomplished through proper advertisement.

Thesis: Political Campaigns are supported by growth. Growth which comes from proper advertisement. Many platforms have revolutionized the way political advertisement is ran due to the change in times.


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South Africa Apartheid

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In 1948, a policy determined the future of South Africa. The two different groups that were inhabiting South Africa at the time were feuding to determine where the power lies. The Afrikaners came from the South, while the Bantu came from the North. Although both groups arrived at the same time, neither of the groups were willing to negotiate who gains control. The idea of discrimination based on race was introduced when the Afrikaners were convinced that discrimination was necessary for building a prosperous community. The Bantu population disagreed with this allegation, noting that discriminatory measures … » More …